Re-thinking faith formation | 1 day

David and Gloria Anderson and the Grow Ministries team


Culture and society has changed so much, raising many new questions and issues and pressures. 

We invite you to join us in rethinking child, youth and family ministry for a new time and a new age. 

  • What does it mean to form faith? 
  • What seems to work best and why? 
  • How can we partner with and support Christian families today? 
  • How can we bring the Good News of Jesus to unchurched children, youth and families? 

Topics covered in this workshop:

  • What cultures are we re-thinking and why?
  • Creating a healthy community that nurtures the faith of everyone
  • The importance of all generations being involved in ministry
  • The realities of re-thinking faith formation

Adelaide Rethinking Conference

Melbourne Rethinking Conference



Home and Church in Partnership / 2 days

Facilitated by Grow Ministries & Grassroots Training


Discover how both home and church can partner together in passing on the faith to both children and families, by looking at Grow Ministries 12 guiding principles. Based on Deuteronomy 6, this workshop will explore the guiding principles for effective child, youth and family ministry, and how these ideas and resources can be used and shared in your ministry context.

Topics covered in this workshop:

  • Changes to child, youth and family ministry over the years
  • Developing healthy communities
  • Interacting with the generations
  • Partnership between home and church
  • Equipping the home
  • Equipping for the ministry

Please visit the Grassroots Training website or contact Emma Graetz for details regarding hosting a Home and Church in Partnership workshop as the arrangements may differ from Grow Ministries.


Preparing for an Event — FAQ's

Q - Can I invite other churches to an event my church or organisation hosts?
A - Yes. It's up to each church/organisation to keep the event in-house, or open things up to other churches. We love to see groups working together.

Q - What does Grow Ministries provide?
A – Grow Ministries will provide a trainer/training team to lead an interactive event at your church/venue. Grow Ministries will make travel arrangements. A master copy of training materials to be   copied will be provided to the local host where applicable.

Q - What does the Host Church/Organisation provide?
A - Appoint a host person who will attend the entire training event and serve as liaison between the host and Grow Ministries. The local host will be responsible for making copies of training materials where applicable. Training is provided as part of our support services.  Catering expenses will need to be met by the host church or organisation. A donation towards travel and accommodation would be very appreciated by not essential.

Q - What sort of time schedules are involved? 
A - This depends on what the host group is aiming to achieve.

Here are some examples:

  • 2 hour event eg. week night 7.30pm - 9.30pm 
  • 1/2 Day event eg. 10am - 2.30pm on a Saturday or 1pm - 4.30pm on a Sunday 
  • Full day event eg. 9am - 4pm with 1 hour lunch break - RECOMMENDED

For more information on training opportunities or to schedule an event please give us a call at Grow Ministries 08 8267 7300 or email us at


Godly Play | 29 September - 1 October, 2016