01-Church at Home 5


There has never been a better time in the life of the church to help equip and encourage faith at Home. Many of our congregations are beginning to return to face-to-face worship services, but due to a rise in COVID19 cases, some have had to remain closed. We encourage households to continue bringing faith alive in their homes. We pray that we don’t miss the opportunity to continue encouraging faith conversations to take place beyond Sunday.

Church at Home 5 is for use from Sunday 4 October through to 22 November 2020. 


In Church at Home 5 you will find:

  • Growing Faith at Home devotions – This resource provides ideas, activities, conversation starters and bible readings for you to use in your home. We encourage you to talk things over as a family.
  • Dwelling in the Word – We have included a sheet that gives you an opportunity to work through the bible verses included in Growing Faith at Home. You could also use this tool to share each other’s favourite bible verses and perhaps receive new insight into the texts.
  • Children’s Chats – While these are usually used within a worship context, the stories are easy to share with your younger children. Engage them in thinking about how the message for the week applies personally to their life.
  • GIFT (Growing in Faith Together) and other activities – Activities for you to do together as a family.
  • Other Resources – Equipping sheets that share tips and ideas for sharing faith at home. One in particular that we would like to draw your attention to is Family Worship at Home.

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