03-Parents in Pain


Coping with the heartache of having loved ones turn from the Christian faith.

Many parents have felt the heartache of family that have chosen a different path on their faith journey. This series of four bible studies have been created for parents to come together to share, support and encourage one another in a group setting.

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Parents in Pain is designed to be completed over four sessions.

  • You are not alone - COMFORT
  • What went wrong? - REFLECTION
  • Wrestling with the guilt - LETTING GO
  • Just keep loving them - HOPE

Confront the experience of seeing your child reject their faith and explore some of the factors which may have led your child to turn away from God. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your child. Deal with the important distinction between appropriate and inappropriate guilt and how to best respond to both of these. Learn some positive strategies to help you cope and how you might encourage your child to reconnect with the Church and their faith.

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