03-Volume 4


Grow Ministries are excited to provide a resource for young adults to use as they meet together. Talking Points, are designed to encourage young adults to journey in faith together and assist them to discuss a range of topics. There are four volumes available.

  • Designed to create a very open discussion platform.
  • No pre-reading or planning is required.
  • Created to be as flexible as needed or they can be followed as prescribed.
  • See below for further information



Volume 4 topics

  • How can I be sure God exists?
  • Has science disproven Christianity?
  • Isn't the Bible just the work of people?
  • You're a Christian? Good for you! It's just not for me.
  • I believe in God, but worship isn't for me.

Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 available now!

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