Faith Trail Confirmation Trail Marker

The goal of the Confirmation Faith Trail Marker is to walk students back through their confirmation experience to help them remember what they have learned and to see how it all fits together. It is a great event to invite parents and mentors to if they haven’t been a part of the regular sessions.

Confirmation Faith Trail includes:

  • Introductory documents
  • Session outline including prepared handouts
  • Additional resources for children and parents



See below for more information and product sample.



Faith Trail Ministry is a great way to celebrate with families in your congregation the promises you all made in Baptism.

The aim of this Faith Trail marker is to celebrate the journey of a young person’s involvement in a confirmation course. It provides an opportunity to celebrate with other students and their families. It’s a time to remind the students what they have learned and guides them to think about how their discipleship journey will continue.

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