01-COVID-19 Support


Devotional support and practical tips for providing hope during this time

This support pack provides devotional resources to encourage caring conversations about the difficult times we find ourselves in. Fear, doubt and stress are natural feelings and it can help to talk about them. Our Growing Faith Moments provide a gentle way to do that around God’s word. It also includes some of Grow Ministries equipping sheets that have practical ideas and tips for parents. This is a FREE resource provided for you and is part of our Church at Home suite.

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The COVID-19 support pack includes:

Devotional materials:

  • In a time of crisis
  • In times of doubt or fear
  • In times of stress
  • Waiting for Holy Communion
  • Welcoming Jesus to our table


  • Helping in times of personal crisis
  • Encouraging faith at home
  • Encouraging home devotions
  • Encouraging the faith of your grandchildren
  • Sharing your faith with your children
  • Welcoming Jesus to our table

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