01-FREE Resource Samples


Want to know about Grow Ministries and the resources we have?

Here is a broad sample of the resources we have created to assist you in sharing faith formation with your community in an interactive and meaningful way!

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The goal of Grow Ministries is to support and equip congregations. We encourage you to move from isolated programs for children and young people to an intergenerational ministry culture. This culture change nurtures faith for life. The Grow Ministries team is passionate about providing innovative and creative resources. Our resources have been developed to bring life to our ten guiding principles and encourage building intergenerational ministry across the whole congregation.

Samples include:
  • First Communion – Parent Led
  • Faith Trail – First Communion
  • Growing Faith at Home
  • Grow Coaching information
  • Grow Disciples
  • Parents in Pain
  • Talking Points
  • Woven Together

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