051-Grow Disciples Guide


Welcome to the adventure of confirmation! Whether you have run a yearly confirmation class for decades or this is your first time, we hope this guide will provide you with insights and resources for the journey ahead.

As well as the Grow Disciples guide, there is a full curriculum that can also be purchased using the three key considerations described in the book – developing an approach that is lifelong, life related and well organised. Visit here for further details.

Price includes postage and handling.




Based on extensive research, both within the LCA and beyond, Grow Ministries have created a practical and accessible resource. Not only will the wisdom shared in Grow Disciples ease any anxiety of confirmation leaders and enhance young people’s journey, it will also serve a a guide for any ministry leader and educator.

Grow Disciples is based on sound pedagogy, calling on the confirmation leader to reflect and evaluate. A key principle of the resource is the relational approach, which is authentic and invitational. This positions the leader as a coach or facilitator as opposed to an expert that fills young heads with knowledge.



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