051-Grow Disciples Guide


Grow Disciples is an exciting and important shift in our focus on ministry with children and young people. Grow Ministries has studied the best contemporary research, combined it with experience in local ministry settings and brought them together. The renewed emphasis on lifelong intergenerational discipleship will serve us well in nurturing community and personal faith in meaningful, practical, and Christ-centered ways.

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50 years of research can't be wrong!

The team at Grow Ministries has taken the research seriously and the result is Grow Disciples. You will find information on how to effectively connect with young people that includes three key considerations:

  • a long-range mindset – encouraging a faith that will be supported into the future by families and congregations,
  • being relational – prioritising relationships, appropriate teaching methods and experiential learning opportunities, and
  • creating a compelling session that is relevant, interactive and engaging.

It is our desire that Grow Disciples will assist congregations in providing a clear and engaging pathway for the faith formation journey of young people which includes families and congregations.

As you read through the chapters, we also hope that you will see that this book can also be used as a discipleship equipping tool for any age and stage of the faith journey.

Using Grow Disciples for Confirmation

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