02-Woven Together


Woven Together comes in a beautifully presented folder with printed sheets ready for each month of the year.

A perfect gift for baptism, welcoming families and so much more.

Designed to support congregations in their partnership with parents and families.

Postage included



Introducing Woven Together...

To support congregations in their partnership with parents and families, we have created a resource that will help parents to nurture the faith of their children. We have called it Woven Together with the aim that it will encourage families to make faith conversations and practices part of their everyday life.

“Faith practices are learned and practiced as they are woven seamlessly into the fabric of daily life.” | John Roberto, Faith formation with a new generation.

Woven Together draws us into God’s big narrative by beginning at Genesis and continuing all the way to Revelation in one year.

We encounter a God who comes close to us, as he came close to the ordinary people in the Bible. We discover together that we are a lot like the people God has always loved and worked through.

We see how the weaving of God’s story of love and redemption is woven through the lives of the people in the Bible, and we listen to the ways his story is also woven though our lives, in our families.

Woven Together is designed to be simple.

A simple story to read. A prayer to say. A blessing to give. A rhythm to develop within the lives of those you love.

Once a week we encourage you to set aside a time for your family to join in the greatest story of all time, to listen to God’s story, his people and his plan and how we are part of that story and plan too.

Once a week, you will need a Bible and your family and some time to rest in his word and his love for you.