about us

About us

Grow Ministries - formerly known as The Board for Child, Youth and Family Ministry (BCYFM) exists to support a national vision for children, youth and family ministry in the LCA. It is a point of reference and resource for the wider church by researching and developing child, youth and family ministry resources, along with equipping and encouraging districts and congregations in their ministry to children, youth and families.

Sharing faith at home

Studies continue to confirm that parents are the key people who influence whether or not our children will have faith. This means that one of the best places for young people to ‘catch’ faith is in the home. Have you considered how this fact influences your congregation’s ministry to families and children?

Over the last ten years BCYFM has promoted and resourced within the LCA the practice of passing on faith at home. This began with The Child In Our Hands resources and continues today through various resources and frameworks, including the Faith Inkubators faith education system.

Training and Coaching

A key role of Grow Ministries is supporting congregations as they develop their ministry to children, youth and their families. We provide one-on-one support, congregational coaching and national training events for pastors, congregational leaders, lay workers and parents.


Grow Ministries advocates not only for children, youth and family ministry but also for young people themselves. We believe it is important that, when making decisions, the LCA recognises and respects the opinions and views of young people.

Youth Forum

10 - 12 April, 2015 was an exciting weekend. Grow Ministries held their second Youth Forum, inviting young people from each state of Australia and New Zealand to participate in a weekend of learning and growth. Once there, the young people discussed the issues of human sexuality, social media and it’s impact on the church, women and the call to office of the public ministry as well as learning about the function of the Convention of Synod.

This event was facilitated by Vicki Rochow, Grow Ministries Resource Coordinator and Pastor Lee Kroehn of St John’s Lutheran Church, Unley with several special guests from the CTICR (Commission of Theology and Inter-Church Relations) and the LCA Ordination Dialogue Group.

Bible engagement research

In 2014 the BCYFM participated with the Bible Society and its research partners to fund a study to identify how Australian youth engage with the Bible and the underlying influences that affect Bible reading. The research confirmed that Bible reading, even among Christian young people, is critically low and has identified families and church communities as the key influencers in modelling faith and Bible engagement.