Grow Ministries would like to invite participants from across the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand to be involved in sharing their voice on issues that our church is facing prior to the 2018 National Convention of Synod.

Our aim is to gather a group of 16-20 year olds from Australia and New Zealand in Adelaide, from Thursday 12 April – Sunday 15 April, 2018. Once there, the young people will discuss a variety of issues facing the church at the current time and other topics of interest. We will also learn about the function of the General Convention of Synod. There will be a small amount of pre-reading for each participant to help inform their discussion.

We are very excited that the team from Lutherans for Life will be joining us for a day.

Life issues: the why, the what and the how?

Marriage and sexuality, abortion and euthanasia, suicide and self-harm: these and many other ‘life-related’ issues confront us daily in our culture and personal experience. They are not always easy to talk about, largely because they are not peripheral, but touch on the very core of our life as human beings. How then are Christians to think about, engage with and respond to these issues? How can we show Christian love to real people who are suffering in these situations? Joshua Pfeiffer and Chelsea Pietsch from Lutherans for Life will lead us through the why, the what and the how of life issues, always keeping in mind that all we do flows from and returns to our Lord Jesus, who came that we ‘may have life, and have it abundantly’ (John 10:10). 


Why? Foundations for thinking about life issues as Lutherans

What? Pre-birth issues (eg. abortion)

What? Life issues (eg. marriage & sexuality)

What? End-of-life issues (eg. euthanasia)

How? Practical Christian responses

We will also discuss other issues that currently face our Church at this time.


Please take some time to identify and nominate suitable young people in your congregation that you believe could contribute passionately to this forum and encourage them to attend. It is always a good idea to highlight the event with parents as they too can encourage their young people.

Nominations are to be made via your LCA district office and are due by Monday 26 February. 

The following number of positions are available:

QLD     6                      NSW    4                      VIC/TAS          6

SA/NT  6                      WA      4                      New Zealand   4

While this is a Grow Ministries funded initiative, we would ask the individual, their congregation or District (or a combination of these) to contribute $200 per participant to assist us in covering the travel, accommodation and venue hire costs. 

Some comments from the 2015 participants...

"The best thing about the forum was meeting some incredible people who share the same passion and love for the Lord. Learning new ways in which we can help our churches for the future."

"This weekend has inspired me to support the church in as many ways as I can! To show youth can be a part of it and have an opinion heard as much as adults do. I am inspired to go back to church and tell everyone how this weekend has been and what we have learned."

"For me, the thing I most valued was gaining an extra appreciation and understanding of the Lutheran beliefs and practices I have grown up in. I also really enjoyed meeting other young Lutherans and wrestling with the tricky discussions that our church is having. I was encouraged by the way our Church seems to be remaining solid even in the midst of our society's challenges."



Costs: While there is a small fee of $200 per participants, all other costs including flights are covered for by Grow Ministries through a generaous donation from the 50.500 committee.

Flights: Flights will be organised by Grow Ministries once we receive confirmation of participants.

Times: We would like participants to arrive by 5.00pm on Thursday 12 April and the forum will finish by 2.00pm on Sunday 15 April, allowing for flights home.

Accommodation: The forum will be held at Australian Lutheran College, accommodation is currently being finalised, but will be close by in North Adelaide.

Supervision: There will be six young adult mentors that will walk through the weekend with the participants and Jodi Brook, Pastor Nigel Rosenzweig and Vicki Rochow will be in attendance for the weekend.