Strategic Plan



To nurture the growth of healthy cultures of Christian life and practice within the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) that supports the forming of faith in children, young people and their families.


Our vision is for the LCA to have a shared understanding of the guiding principles for effective child, youth and family ministry and their undergirding practices, systems and strategies and to be inspired to grow as God’s people.


Our values are derived from the LCA’s Strategic Direction which are based on our Lutheran identity: ‘grace alone, faith alone, scripture alone’, all summed up in ‘Christ alone’. They are grounded in God’s saving work through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are freed by God’s grace to participate in his vision and mission for the world. Through faith in Christ, by the work of the Holy Spirit we are a church:

Shaped by the gospel of grace

  • as an undeserved gift from God
  • as a life-changing and life-giving word
  • in equipping us for action

Blessed by relationships

  • in service to each other
  • in respect for each other's gifts
  • in witness to our communities and the world

United by Christ

  • in our confession of faith
  • in working together and sharing resources

Inspired by compassion

  • in actions and words
  • privileging the poor and marginalised

Marked by integrity

  • effectiveness
  • accountability
  • excellence

Strategic Priorities

The Board for Child, Youth and Family Ministry (BCYFM) has established four strategic priorities for the life of this plan.

They are:

  1. To encourage, support and promote an awareness of the guiding principles and practices for effective child, youth and family ministry in the homes, congregations and schools of the LCA.
  2. To encourage, support and promote the development of healthy cultures of faith formation practice within congregations of the LCA.
  3. To identify, evaluate and develop suitable child, youth and family resources for the LCA context.
  4. To enable BCYFM and Grow Ministries to ‘go and grow’ through staff care and development.