02g-Worship pack


Why we do the things we do in Lutheran worship

Our Lutheran worship is full of meaning and purpose. The flow is intentional. This worship pack is full of ideas and teaching tools that will grow children’s understanding of, and help to explain Why we do the things we do in our Lutheran worship.

See below for more information about what’s inside.


Included in this pack:

  • Lutheran Worship booklet - explaining the different parts of Lutheran worship.
  • Colouring in book - a great welcome pack resource for children to learn what it means to be Lutheran.
  • Worship notes - for children to complete during worship what they hear and see.
  • Flow of worship activity - encouraging young people to engage in the flow of the worship service.
  • Equipping sheets - to equip leaders to have a deeper understanding of intergenerational worship.
  • Worshipping with young children guide - to equip congregations and parents about the importance of worshipping together.


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