01-Grow Disciples Complete Curriculum


All 5 modules + preparation documents + resource support packs

  • God’s Big Story
  • The Old Testament
  • The Story of Jesus
  • The New Testament
  • Being Lutheran

Preparation documents

  • How to use the modules
  • Faith practices
  • Confirmation session planning template (word document)
  • Session Material (curriculum)

Resource support

Use these games, activities and prayer ideas to enhance your Welcome and Relationship Building, Interactive Learning and Application portions of your Grow Disciples modules. Inside you will find:

  • Sections A1 + A2 – Games and Activities
  • Section B – Service and Encouragement ideas
  • Section C – Prayer ideas


All 5 modules + preparation documents + resource support

The modules can be used in the way that is most helpful for you. You can use an entire module, or individual sessions to design your own program. Parts of the sessions or an activity or set of discussion questions could enhance what you have already created. The modules are designed to be flexible and to help you, the leader, create relational and compelling sessions as part of a lifelong discipleship journey.

Have you read our book GROW DISCIPLES – A guide for cultivating lifelong faithCreated to assist pastors and congregations reflect on their approaches to confirmation. Three key considerations drive the resource – developing an approach to confirmation that is lifelong, life related and well organised.