02-Mentoring Resource


Mentoring is important

At the most basic level it guarantees that a young person has someone who cares about them. Establishing a  mentoring program in your congregation can be challenging and stretching, but we pray, it will be a rewarding experience for the people involved. This mentoring pack provides wonderful support and encouragement as you set out on your mentoring journey.


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This mentoring pack aims to provide you with resources you can use to start a formal mentoring program in your congregation. It can also be used to resource mentors who are mentoring in a less formal way.

Inside you will find:
Getting started
  • How to begin a mentoring program
  • Mentoring booklet
  • Safe Church requirements

A framework

  • A framework for mentoring
  • Equipping - The value of Christian mentoring
  • Equipping - Mentoring A practical guide

Mentoring Support Documents

  • Mentoring profile
  • How young people develop
  • The way faith grows
  • Self-esteem
  • Listening
  • Communication
  • Conflict