03-Stand Bible Studies


STAND Bible Studies | 5 SESSIONS based on Romans 5: 1-2

  • SESSION 1 How do we stand in grace?
  • SESSION 2 Do we understand suffering?
  • SESSION 3 Am I disciplined?
  • SESSION 4 How are we to live?
  • SESSION 5 Where does our hope come from?
  • See below for more information and to download a sample.


The STAND Bible Study, based on Romans 5: 1-2, is designed to encourage you on your journey in faith.

There are 5 sessions designed to allow discussion to organically unfold with no pre-reading or planning required.

  1. How do we stand in grace?
  2. Do we understand suffering?
  3. Am I disciplined?
  4. How are we to live?
  5. Where does our hope come from?

STORY - this is used to capture the essence of the topic.

REFLECT - a selection of questions allowing participants to get to know one another.

CONTEXT - provides a more in-depth understanding of the topic.

READ - the Biblical foundation.

TALK - questions and conversation starters to dig into the topic.

PRAY & BLESS - relevant prayer points and blessings to share.

We pray this study provides a wonderful opportunity to share and discuss life and faith together.



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