07-Faith at Home


Equipping for faith at home

  • We know that in every way and every day, Jesus is calling us into a deeper and closer relationship with him. We know that this doesn’t just happen once a week for an hour at church or an hour in our small groups. As parents, we are blessed with the joy and gift to share what we know about God’s love for us with our children and families.
  • So what does it look like to share your faith in your home or with your family? These equipping sheets have been designed to give you practical ideas to share your faith in your home.

  • See below for more information


What's inside?

Equipping sheets to encourage and inspire you with practical information to help you to encourage the faith of your children.
  • Encouraging faith at home
  • Encouraging home devotions
  • Sharing your faith with your children
  • Reading the Bible
  • Encouraging families to pray
  • Family worship at home
  • Welcoming Jesus to our table
  • Encouraging the faith of your grandchildren
  • Helping in times of personal crisis
  • Encouraging acts of service
  • Encouraging gifts and health
  • Talking about sex education
  • Creating a Growing Faith Moment
  • Encouraging parents to support camping

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